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Bulova “Kingston” Chiming Mantle Clock

Discover the elegance and sophistication in timepieces with this high art aesthetic mantle clock. Boasting a resplendent walnut finish, it blends seamlessly with any sophisticated home decor. Elegant Roman numerics grace the face of the beautiful timepiece, adding an aura of timeless grandeur. A meticulously hand-crafted shell encases the sturdy and reliable clock mechanism, assuring long-lasting function. The clock not only serves the stool of time-keeping but also charms you with an enchanting melody every hour. The tranquil chiming conjures a soothing ambience effect, creating a vintage allure that’s hard to resist. Set it atop your mantelpiece, shelf or designate it an exclusive niche, and witness an instant enhancement of opulence in the atmosphere – a perfect blend of ascetics, functionality and delightful charm. This splendid mantle clock radiates historic grandeur that elegantly amplifies your home elegance.


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