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Breuning Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver with Rose Gold-Plating

This exclusive accessory exhibits a unique aesthetic inspired by nature. It is crafted magnificently from gleaming Sterling Silver, offering long-lasting brilliant lustre. The central portion of the dashing adornment is masterfully embellished with delicate rose leaf motifs, thoughtfully layered using refined inlay techniques. There’s an intrinsic charm novel to its design that flatters and intrigues. The lush details from this testament to beauty shimmer with reflective allure, making it an outstanding choice to enhance any ensemble. Complementing its revered detailing, it adds an elegant matte satin finish, presenting a subtle yet striking contrast. Undeniable is its arresting performance that elevates modest accessories to an art form. Neither domineering nor subtle, this glamorous piece strikes the perfect balance, making it a coveted addition to both formal and casual attire.


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