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Swarovski Constella Bracelet, Blue, Rhodium-Plated

This elegant, casually refined bracelet develops a statement of style effortlessly with its glimmering halo sealing its timeless fashion statement. Sporting an adaptable bolo design, the accessory adds grace whether worn singularly or as layering jewelry. Its highlights comprise a rich coat of rhodium plating that glistens gracefully against every light dialed and matches seamlessly with any outfit. The centerpiece accentuates captivating white and blue crystals, cut and set artistically by skillful artisans’ hands. The mesmerizing halo of blue and white crystals amplifies its grace, adding a romantic flair channeling ethereal beauty. Ideal for daily wear or a perfect trimming to your glamorous party attire, the bolo bracelet wraps around your wrist securely and brace for any design situation with its bohemian charm fused with luxe updates. Guaranteed to steal attention and command awe, this piece of jewelry can be an ideal gift for someone special, featuring the finest materials and rolling out sheer elegance.


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